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Why did we do the study?

After 6½ years in business, it was evident that many SME financial planning businesses were using limited information to understand their competitiveness for the retention and attraction of the right staff.

Continuous queries received from business owners on existing staff remuneration structures and market competitiveness demonstrates there is not enough done to provide detailed, meaningful and valid data for them to use in decision making.

Available data at an affordable price!

We subsequently collaborated with Griffith University to conduct a rigorous national study of remuneration structures for every job family in SME financial planning businesses. This is the first comprehensive study in a series being completed by The Business of Advice and is the culmination of 15 months of excellent work by a dedicated research team.

The benefits of the analysis for your SME Financial Planning business:

The outcomes of this research arm business owners, practice managers and interested individuals with information to help make informed decisions on:

  • Benchmarking their team’s remuneration structures (incl. incentives) against the market to validate and align remuneration levels across all staff
  • Plan for staff movement and create a roadmap for the business’s future growth
  • Construct proactive resourcing plans and a talent pool alleviating the urgency when hiring new staff
  • Improve the attraction and retention of the right staff, effectively reducing both cost and liability to a business.

All major job families of an SME Financial Planning firm are covered in this report.

  • Client Service Officers/Managers
  • Paraplanners/ Manager
  • Employed Financial Planners
  • General Managers/Practice Managers
  • Compliance Officers/Managers
  • Directors.

What do you receive for  $695 plus GST membership?

Once you become a member of The Business of Advice, you will receive 12 months access to findings including:

  • The Complete Analysis delivered by Griffith University
  • As easy to use graphical and written summary of every job family within an SME financial planning firm including:
    • Salary levels and structures
    • Bonus entitlements
    • Education and training benefits
    • Profit share, succession and equity participation
    • Other staff benefits
  • Key Findings from the study
  • SME Business owner insights into future growth using graduates and career transition

We will deliver additional findings as we continue to work with financial planning businesses. Once you are a member, you’ll also get access to:

  • A members’ only LinkedIn forum where we will deliver additional findings as analysis is completed. It will also give you the opportunity to share ideas and connect with other SME Financial Planning business owners.
  • The Business of Advice Webinars – Used to provide “how to guide” on use of data and delivery of new findings.

Additional Consulting Services

Once a member, if you’d like a Custom Analysis completed for your business, go to the Custom Analysis tab or contact us for further information.

We will also broaden the scope of our offer and provide you with valuable additional services to attract and retain quality staff and manage them to ensure you mitigate liability and create an inclusive and compelling culture.

A further thanks!

We’d like to thank the 335 practices that spent from 30 mins to many hours completing the survey and for those that provided additional support throughout the process. The 221 practices that completed the survey in full have been rewarded with a copy of the report at no cost.

In addition, Zanetti Recruitment & Consulting allocated funds to contribute to charity and the participant practices’ generosity of time allowed us to donate $2000 to a number of worthy groups.

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